Why Choose LF Leadership?

Let our clients tell you:

“They’re professionals, but they’re approachable still.  Here is a group that can come from the outside and make you feel like they’re part of the organization when needed, but also keep those boundaries of an external consultant when necessary.”

Juan Carlos Belliard
Director, Institute for Community Partnerships
Loma Linda University

“Cynthia is a great coach. I felt very comfortable with her during our session. She’s a great listener and resourceful. The important part in coaching was the dialogue and discussion from my observations and life events. I thrived in coaching as a result of Cynthia’s excellent knowledge base and advanced understanding of leadership, mental health, and mindfulness. I am a yoga teacher and practice meditation so I didn’t start the sessions as a beginner. It helped immensely that Cynthia provided literature and citations to follow up upon and allowed me to delve into topics I saw necessary to the moment. Her advice and direction helped me draw insight and positive experiences from a difficult time in my personal life. Professionally, I feel more confident in my skills and where I want to head. I wish I had more sessions with Cynthia!”

Nonprofit Professional/Lawyer

“There was an awakening that I had — and it literally was an awakening — that my leadership was not about me.  My leadership is about giving direction to people for what needs to happen.”

Carmen Hall
Executive Director
Pacific Lifeline