Facilitation: Creating collaboration

LF Leadership specializes in facilitating cross-sectorial collaborations, community engagement processes, organizational and strategic retreats, as well as processes that foster collaboration within teams and across departments in corporations.

Our team is experienced in the use of participatory methods that engage people in conversations to create shared visions and clear action plans to get results. We base our approach in a commitment to meaningful engagement of key stakeholders and co-creating structures and processes that invite people to find a common ground and move forward towards a common goal.

Real  participation in group processes is impossible without trust, which is why we emphasize integrity, transparency, and methodological rigor at every stage of our work.

Some examples of ways in which our clients use LF Leadership’s facilitation services are:

  • Guiding coalitions and collaboratives involving multi-sectoral partners
  • Facilitating strategic planning retreats
  • Planning organizational capacity building processes
  • Helping high performing teams develop a path to achieve their goals
  • Building collaboration among teams in an organization
  • Breaking down silos between departments and functions
  • Holding community engagement and public input processes for government policy
  • Mediation and conflict resolution in organizations and communities