Strategic Planning: Direction and alignment for impact

From vision to action

In today’s turbulent environment, it is more important than ever for organizations’ various stakeholders — staff, board, partners, clients, community members, and others — have a shared set of goals and clear yet flexible structures that will allow them to take action toward those goals.

Our process

We use a rigorous, whole-systems approach incorporating aspects of Appreciative Inquiry and other methodologies, information-gathering from external stakeholders, and expert assessment of the organization’s current state.  We also conduct a customized assessment to provide a picture of the current challenges and opportunities facing the organization, as well as the strengths and assets available to meet them.  We often include quantitative and qualitative organizational capacity assessments, with a particular focus on financial sustainability.

To increase understanding of the external environment, we will lead the organization through a systematic environmental scan, including interviews of key supporters; targeted fact-finding on best practices among comparable organizations; and interviews with key stakeholders.

This information then helps to inform deliberations in a series of meetings to define the vision and strategic goals for the organization. We then translate those strategies into clear action plans that define the role and contribution of key players, including staff departments, the board of directors, and others.  Lastly, we define metrics, dashboards, and methods for monitoring implementation of the strategy to help the organization achieve success.