Team Effectiveness: Creating systemic change

Leadership today is never a solo act.

No single person has the knowledge, skills, experience, or time to lead organizations to success in today’s complex, globalized world. As a result, virtually all organizations today rely on teams of leaders to get the job done.

At their most effective, teams are made up of members who function as leaders individually and as a team. Yet teams often face a number of challenges that keep them from this ideal: poorly defined or contradictory goals, vague roles, lack of trust, poor communication, ineffective decisionmaking, lack of accountability, and the crosscurrents of organizational politics, to name just a few.

LF Leadership has developed a unique approach to team effectiveness combining team and individual coaching to build skills and competences that improve the overall performance of the team.

The Process

First we perform a comprehensive initial assessment of the opportunities and challenges for the team to achieve a specific intended goal. We begin by systematically interviewing and/or surveying team members, supervisor(s) and other people affected by the teams performance. This gives us a clear picture of the understanding of the team’s role, mission, leadership, and its overall effectiveness.

Once we have this map, we work with the team to systematically and collaborately address the priority areas to achieve the intended goal.

Our tools and methodologies include:

  • Visioning and strategic planning to create greater team alignment, define roles, and create joint action plans
  • Off-site retreat sessions for skill development and teambuilding
  • Group processes such as Appreciative InquiryWorld Café, and Open Space Technology to transform problems into possibilities
  • Facilitation of crucial conversations among team members for conflict resolution and improved communication skills
  • Shadow coaching, sitting in on team meetings and providing feedback to individuals on their leadership behavior
  • Strategic, real-time interventions in team meetings to build skills and improve communication
  • Other tools from our toolbox, as needed!