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Client Service Associate (Los Angeles Area)

Research Associate (Location flexible)

Marketing & Business Development Associate (Location flexible)

Why LF Leadership?

LF Leadership is a networked organization that is always looking for talented people whose values and vision for leadership impact align with ours. We are passionate about connecting the “what” of coaching and leadership development with the “why” of harnessing systemic change and collective leadership to co-create a world of organizations and communities that recognize and foster dignity, self-determination, and authenticity for all.

As a small firm, there is plenty of room to make an impact, learn, and to grow with the business. And since our vocation is leadership development, we consciously aim to develop the people who works with us. You can receive extensive coaching, career mentoring, on-the-job learning, and if a student or academic, internship supervision or opportunities for pursuing research interests. We have a developmental path defined for more junior associates to move into direct consulting/coaching roles, at commensurately higher levels of responsibility and compensation.

Our business is growing rapidly, and it is our sincere hope that you will grow with us.