Position: Research Associate

LF Leadership is seeking a Research Associate who is passionate about applying research methods and empirical evidence to developing capacity for transformational leadership in individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.


We are searching for one or more individuals to conduct mixed-methods applied research for adult developmental assessment, team effectiveness, organizational planning, and program evaluation.

The successful candidate(s) will have the ability to conceptualize, plan, execute, and communicate research within the context of complex organizational and community environments. This position will advance several of our current strategic priorities:

  • Position ourselves as thought leaders in our field by applying evidence-based approaches to generate new practice knowledge for our field.
  • Create sustainable, scalable systems by building consistent methods and practices for assessment, evaluation, and research.
  • Deepen and leverage our talent by contributing to our own internal professional community of practice.


  • Design and administer survey-based developmental assessments of individual leadership, team effectiveness, and organizational processes using a combination of published validated scales, our own proprietary instruments, and project-specific measures.
  • Conduct statistical analyses of survey data and design effective data visualizations of results.
  • Compile, clean, and participate in analysis of qualitative data collected through surveys, interviews, focus groups, or other methods.
  • Interpret data in collaboration with other project team members and/or clients. Present key findings clearly and with concise, actionable interpretation that is understandable to professional practitioners and lay people.
  • Conduct occasional literature reviews on selected topics, synthesizing research findings to inform design of research, evaluations, and interventions.
  • Support LF Leadership’s ongoing organizational learning, development of intellectual property, and contributions to the field including psychometric validation of proprietary scales and conducting research for white papers or reports.


  • Experience conducting moderately complex applied behavioral or other social science research, especially online survey and mixed methods. Experience or willingness to learn about qualitative and participatory methods.
  • Demonstrated ability to design research projects and manage to scope and deadlines.
  • Strong proficiency in statistical analysis and presentation of quantitative data, including use of R, SPSS, or other statistical software, as well as advanced use of Excel formulas and charts. Must have experience or willingness to learn about social network analysis, qualitative data analysis, and data visualization.
  • Familiarity with foundational theory, current research, and/or practice related to one or more the following substantive areas: organizational psychology (especially leadership, group processes, and team effectiveness), adult developmental psychology, management, and/or nonprofit/public administration.
  • Additional expertise in one or more relevant topics, e.g. systems theory, social network theory, community psychology, positive psychology, applied philosophy, social impact measurement, or related topics.
  • Prior work experience in organizational contexts.
  • Excellent English writing skills: ability to analyze and synthesize complex information to extract key points and present coherent, concise, actionable findings understandable to a variety of informed lay audiences.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills: clear, respectful, client-focused, excellent listening skills, proactive, and timely.
  • Organizational and project management skills: able to manage multiple overlapping projects, set goals, objectives, and tasks, and execute them on a consistent basis.
  • Proactivity and conscientiousness: Willingness to take initiative, learn, ask questions, and take risks. Consistent availability, follow-through, and ability to meet deadlines. Ability to appropriately balance work with educational or other life demands.
  • Cultural competency, particularly with regards to Latino and Asian populations. Fluency in spoken and written Spanish or other languages an advantage.
  • A commitment to human development and social change. Professional interest in a career in organizational development consulting, leadership development, executive coaching, and/or program evaluation.
  • Passion for learning, discovery, collaboration, social equity, and service. Excitement to grow into the points on this description that don’t currently describe you!


This position pays $25/hour. The Research Associate will work as an independent contractor with a time commitment ranging from roughly 2 to 10 hours per week depending on project workflows, with potential to grow.

As a contractor, the RA will be responsible for providing his/her own work space, computer, phone, and other equipment, and may set his/her own work hours (within constraints of required meetings and project timelines).

Non-monetary benefits will include leadership coaching, career mentoring, on-the-job learning, and if a student, internship supervision or opportunities for pursuing research interests. We actively work to develop our associates both professionally and personally. We have a developmental path defined for associates to move into direct consulting/coaching roles, at commensurately higher pay rates. Our business is growing rapidly, and it is our sincere hope that you will grow with us.

About LF Leadership

We are a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to promoting development of collective leadership capacity for systemic change. Our vision is a world of organizations and communities that recognize and foster dignity, self-determination, and authenticity for all.

Since 2005 we have assisted over 100 clients in achieving organizational and individual goals through clarity of purpose, increased alignment, and empowering systems to enable collaborative action. Our clients include nonprofits, social enterprises, corporations, and public entities across the Los Angeles metropolitan area, nationally, and internationally.

Our core services are:

  • Leadership development including structured programs and coaching with executives, teams, and boards to develop individual and shared leadership using methods that are integral in their approach, systemic in their scope, and pragmatic in their delivery. Our coaches are trainers of other coaches, and have worked with leaders across sectors, levels, and functions.
  • Integral team coaching catalyzing transformational change by combining individual integral coaching with team facilitation and a focus on stakeholder value so that teams can share leadership and maximize value to stakeholders now and into the future.
  • Organizational development consulting, including strategic planning, leadership development programs, workplace culture change, organizational learning, and social impact initiatives. We emphasize application of people-centered, evidence-based methods to achieve targeted outcomes.
  • Facilitation of systemic strategies for social impact and organizational change. We have particular expertise in guiding cross-sectoral collaboratives and Collective Impact initiatives to create systems- and policy-level change.
  • Training design and skill development for leaders and teams to gain self-awareness, communicate effectively, build emotional literacy, constructively manage conflict, develop cultural competency, learn from differences, collaborate, and act purposefully.
  • Applied researchand evaluation combining methodological rigor with sensitivity to the political, social, cultural, and organizational context, in order to highlight strategic points of leverage for organization learning and improvement. We incorporate research and evaluation thinking into our leadership and strategy work to generate evidence-based strategies, monitor implementation progress, and build adaptive capacity.

More information can be found at www.LFLeadership.com, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

To apply

Submit your resume, cover letter, and a sample of applied research writing aimed at lay/practitioner audiences. If the research writing sample is more of an academic nature, include a second writing sample of professional or business communications.

Send materials to the attention of Max Freund at info@lfleadership.com.